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Switch Hosting and Transit Services

Gemini Switch Services

Gemini Telecom provides a wide range of switch services for wholesale and retail carriers, as well as International PTTs. Our services include traditional TDM and VoIP switch partioning, Pre-paid switch hosting, telecom equipment hosting, as well as sales and implementation of pre-paid switching products.

Gemini Telecom offers partioning on both traditional TDM and SIP-based VoIP switches. We can create managed and hosted solutions of any size that enable customers to leverage our switch assets with their network needs. Gemini Telecom provides both dedicated switching platforms as well as shared switching environments to meet the specific size and security needs of our customers. Our clients are given with real-time monitoring and management solutions for their switch facilities as well as comprehensive reporting tools and 24/7 support from our NOC facilities.

Gemini Telecom is an industry leader in pre-paid switching. We can provide dedicated and partioned pre-paid switching platforms from our New York facility. Gemini Telecom offers enhanced billing and routing solutions, and comprehensive IVR platforms in multiple languages to meet all of our client's diverse needs. Gemini Telecom has also designed, developed and implemented a number of locally hosted pre-paid switches at client facilities. Whether you need your own pre-paid switch or want to utilize ours, Gemini Telecom is the pre-paid expert you need for your network.

Gemini Telecom also offers hosting and co-location facilities to meet your needs. We provide a secure telecom hosting facility with on-site monitoring and management, redundant connections to Class A internet providers, local access connectivity to most major carriers, redundant power and more. We provide on-site technicians and offer 24/7 management of your network equipment. Whatever your co-location and hosting needs are, Gemini Telecom can provide you with dynamic, cost-effective solutions.

Gemini Telecom can also provide sales and implementation support of both post-paid and pre-paid switching platforms. Our team of engineers, technicians and project managers will evaluate your switching needs and assist with the direct sale, configuration, installation and management of any range of switching product. Our experience includes the implementation of a number of dedicated switching platforms around the world.

We urge you to contact us for more information on how we can meet your switching needs, hosting and facility needs.

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