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About Gemini Telecom

  • Leading U.S. based provider of global communications and residental services
  • Our services include global connectivity, calling cards, SS7, classic services and more
  • Constantly looking into expanding our relationships with leading carriers in the industry
Gemini Telecom, Leading US based communications provider

Gemini Telecom is a leading U.S. based provider of global communications and residential services. Our business is built on nearly 25 years of experience serving the telecommunications marketplace.

An ever-expanding portfolio of services includes global connectivity, calling cards, SS7, classic services, domestic & international toll free services and international private global hubbing & terminations. Gemini Telecom serves and interfaces with a broad base of international carriers and local service providers for maximal network redundancy, and competitive service pricing. Gemini Telecom offers a complete variety of products designed to provide the highest quality and a customer focused service.

Gemini Telecom and its sister companies have cultivated a "Carrier's Partner" relationship over many years. And it is through our partners that Gemini Telecom has woven the optimal telecommunication products and services offering reaching out to more than 240 countries. Our partners and our quantity of scale operations have enabled Gemini Telecom to provide competitively priced services with the best possible quality over the best possible connections. We utilize a fiber-first connectivity scheme wherever possible and we are constantly striving to 'tweak' performance for our customers by working closely with our corresponding partners.

At Gemini Telecom, we are constantly looking into expanding our relationships with leading carriers in the industry to upgrade our products and to source the best rates available in the market today. We can help you review your needs and make innovative recommendations to ensure your outmost satisfaction.

Our Background

Gemini Telecom is a multi-faceted enterprise with a particular focus on circuit interconnection with its network infrastructure, based in the U.S, and developing data and telecommunications systems and services primarily in the Middle East region. Gemini Telecom provides turn-key installations for a variety of data and telecommunications solutions. Our services include a number of specialized hardware and software products which our highly trained technical staff integrates, program manages and supports for a myriad of customers.

Gemini Telecom, in partnership with a variety of internationally known providers of telecommunications systems and services, has developed and installed a series of focused, technologically advanced projects across the Mideast region.

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